Unit Prices

Fidelity Super-Super Plan, Number 3 and UK Pension Transfers

On 1 April 2016, Booster Financial Services Limited (Booster) took responsibility for managing and running the Fidelity Super-Super Plan, Number 3 - a recognised overseas pension scheme capable of accepting UK pension transfers. For more information about Booster and the Fidelity Super-Super Plan, Number 3 please visit their website.

The information below relates to the Fidelity Life portfolios only (Life Bonds, Annuity Bonds, Power Saver Plans and Gold Medal (non-superannuation) Plans).

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Unit price as at 20 Jun 2017
Portfolios Unit price
While every care has been taken in producing and updating these unit prices, Fidelity Life reserves the right to amend them when necessary. Full details of unit pricing, fees and other details relevant to an investment are set out in the Investment Statement.