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Fund name Fidelity Life International Investment Portfolio.
Permitted investments International share investments (including underwriting issues, derivatives and securities convertible into international shares) and cash.
Risk Profile The International Investment Portfolio has a high risk profile. The major risks are a fall in stock markets and currency translation.
Objectives To aim to provide consistent above-average international equity performance over the medium to long term.


2% above the MSCI World Price Index, and
top quartile ranking in its Morningstar sector rankings over 3 years
Recommended term At leat 10 years.
Unit price $2.4303
As at 25 May 2017
Performance As at 01 May 2017
Past Performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance. Returns assume funds invested at the beginning of the period, with no subsequent contributions or withdrawls. The returns shown are net of investment management fees, fund management fees, performance fees paid to external fund managers (if applicable), expenses and tax. The returns shown do not allow for charges for administration to individual accounts (initial charges, service fees, withdrawl charges, switching fees or withdrawl fees).
Month to date 3 mth 6 mth 1 yr 3 yr 5 yr
-0.16% 6.25% 12.37% 12.08% 8.06% 9.05%
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