We've shaved
for a cure.

Five of our staff lost their hair
to fundraise for charity.

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The New Zealand Life Company.

Protecting the future
of your business.

Our business insurance range is designed to
protect your most important assets - you and your employees.

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Protecting the future of your business.

Keeping families
strong for 40 years.

Providing protection for the ones you love should
the worst happen.

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Keeping families strong for 40 years.
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Age: Amount of life cover:

How much do I need?

  • Health insurer, nib
    and Fidelity Life are
    working together

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  • Fidelity Life and Leukemia
    & Blood Cancer New Zealand.

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  • It's our birthday! We've been keeping families strong for
    over 40 years.

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  • Fidelity Life &
    The Corporate Challenge

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How much cover do I need?

This tool will help you estimate how much Life Cover you require. It is not intended to replace a full needs analysis and should only be used as a guide.

How much existing life cover do you have?
If this is a new or replacement policy, leave this blank.
Would you like to clear any mortgage debt?
E.g. Pay off the mortgage on your family home.
Are there any other debts you would like to pay off?
E.g. Loans, credit card debt, hire purchase.
Do you have any other costs you would like to cover?
E.g. Child education costs, create/replace emergency funds.
Do you have any assets that could offset your liabilities?
E.g. Car, bach/property, shares.
Would you like to provide your family with a future income?
Eg. An amount to cover the future living requirements of your dependants.
For how many years? Yearly income after tax?