Fidelity Life Awarded 5 Stars

[ Monday, 20 August 2012 ]

Fidelity Life has been awarded 5 Stars in Beaton Benchmarks Results
Fidelity Life Awarded 5 Stars in Beaton Benchmarks Results
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Fidelity Life Awarded 5 Stars

Beaton Benchmarks Life Insurance Intermediary Survey (NZ)


We are proud to announce that in the latest Beaton Benchmarks Intermediary Survey*, completed in June this year, Fidelity Life achieved a fantastic five star overall satisfaction rating.

At Fidelity Life, we acknowledge that as advisers, you naturally strive to provide your clients with the highest quality products and services available to you and them. By putting appropriate policies in place, you provide your clients with peace of mind when things don’t go to plan. We believe that this five star rating, which is improved from last year’s four star rating, validates the work we have done behind the scenes to address your feedback and to improve our service and product offering. We recognise how hard you work too and we will continue to try and give you the necessary support to keep your businesses strong.

We are very proud that Fidelity Life was rated as a top performer in the ‘Business Development Managers Support’ category. This included the relationship, knowledge and added value that our Business Development Managers provided.

We are also particularly pleased with our top performer rating in the “Claims” category. This is of course where everything we say and do is put to the test and it’s great to rank ahead of our peers in this area. Fidelity Life was, by some distance, the top performer in the “IT Services” category, which recognised the leadership of our website, the Apollo quote software and, more recently, our E-App. This continues a strong trend for us in this area for the company.

Fidelity Life also performed very strongly in the areas of supplier reputation, administration and call centres (all rated no. 1) as well as product quality and adviser remuneration.

“We are very proud of this significant achievement given the tough economic and competitive environment we have operated in this last year” says Milton Jennings, CEO. “We have worked extensively on some key areas within the business based on adviser feedback and we’re pleased that this has been noticed and appreciated by advisers. Our focus has always been and continues to be to support advisers and their businesses by offering quality products and services which they in turn can pass on to their clients.”

For those of you who participated in the survey, we thank you for taking the time to participate. Although the survey only happens once a year, we are very happy to receive feedback on any area at any time. Please feel free to contact us either directly or through your Business Development Manager.

Milton Jennings

*Beaton Benchmarks 2012 – Life Insurance Intermediaries Study New Zealand



 20  August 2012

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