Investment Returns March 2011

[ Monday, 18 April 2011 ]

Investment Returns March 2011
For the period ended 31 March 2011
Average Return Over                      
PortfolioPortfolio Size ($m)Unit Price
3 Years
(% p.a.)
5 Years
(% p.a.)
10 years
(% p.a.)
NZ Fixed Interest*3.193.25120.41%1.90%5.02%5.55%3.96%4.08%
NZ / Australian Shares7.933.96961.11%3.61%4.87%4.59%1.10%6.22%

*Closed from 1 July 2009
Diversified portfolios (Conservative, Balanced and Growth) invest in single sector pools.
These indirect investments are excluded from the portfolio size of the single sectors.

1. Past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance.
2. The returns shown do not allow for front-end, renewal, withdrawal or alteration fees.
3. For Plans that commenced prior to 1 July 2009: There are no withdrawal fees on Life Bonds. On Power Saver/Super Plans there is an alteration fee of $60 per withdrawal if there is more than one withdrawal in a financial year.  For other plans the fee on withdrawal is 5% reduced by 1% p.a. in the four years prior to the maturity date plus an alteration fee of $60 per withdrawal.
4. For Plans that commenced after 30 June 2009: There is an alteration fee of $60 per withdrawal if there is more than one withdrawal in a financial year.
5. The current rate of tax for life insurance companies is 30%. The rate and basis of taxation may change.
6. The returns shown are net of tax and investment management fees.

Fidelity Life Portfolios - Asset Splits

Asset classConservative Portfolio Balanced Portfolio *Ethical PortfolioGrowth  Portfolio Aggressive Portfolio
New Zealand fixed interest44.00%25.00%33.40%10.00%n.a.
Cash/short term assets5.00%2.00%5.20%2.00%n.a.
New Zealand & Australian shares10.00%21.00%20.10%32.50%21.36%
International shares10.00%21.50%41.30%34.00%47.82%
International fixed interest17.00%18.00%n.a.9.00%4.06%


Fidelity KiwiSaver Scheme Investment Returns

(after management fees, & investment fees, before tax)
For the period ended 31 March 2011

Inception Date

Fund Size ($m) Unit Price
Six MonthsOne YearTwo Years (p.a.)Three Years
Capital Guarantee FundMay 200820.752.2834220.27%1.55%2.11%4.41%5.40%n.a%4.65%
Conservative Kiwi FundOctober 200726.145.9709530.38%2.36%2.99%5.45%9.30%5.69%5.06%
Balanced Kiwi FundOctober 200760.795.9415820.36%3.10%4.60%4.96%11.51%5.70%4.54%
Ethical Kiwi FundMay 20085.252.191153-0.06%2.73%4.09%4.90%11.02%n.a.3.18%
Growth Kiwi FundOctober 200729.105.7218940.37%3.77%6.18%4.90%13.98%3.94%2.66%
Aggressive Kiwi FundOctober 200710.932.9565111.26%5.58%8.63%6.14%18.76%6.09%2.60%
Options Kiwi FundOctober 200743.134.4749023.95%8.69%11.50%9.87%20.80%12.85%13.46%

1. Past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance.
2. The returns shown do not allow for administration or switching fees:
  · The administration fee is $3 per member per month.
  · The first switch between funds each year is free. Additional switches will incur a fee of $60 per switch.
3. The returns are shown before tax. Your after-tax return will depend on your Prescribed Investor Rate.

Fidelity KiwiSaver Funds - Asset Splits

Asset ClassCapital Guarantee Kiwi FundConservative Kiwi FundBalanced Kiwi FundEthical Kiwi Fund*Growth Kiwi FundAggressive Kiwi Fund
Fixed Interest18.55%38.32%22.77%33.40%16.29%n.a.
New Zealand & Australian shares8.53%16.80%24.93%20.10%30.66%33.25%
Global shares4.24%9.04%27.45%41.30%37.13%38.29%
Global Bonds15.46%24.76%17.03%n.a.7.78%n.a.
Tyndall Option Fundn.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.24.40%

The Options Kiwi, besides having a small cash holding, is totally invested in the Tyndall Option Fund.
The Ethical Kiwi, besides having a small cash holding, is totally invested in the Tyndall Wholesale Balanced SRI Fund.

Dated  18 April 2011

All reasonable care has been taken in producing this information that in most instances comes from sources outside the administration manager, Fidelity Life Assurance Company Limited.
Investors should seek professional advice before investment decisions are made.

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