Christchurch Earthquake

[ Wednesday, 8 September 2010 ]

Christchurch Earthquake
Message for policyholders and advisers



Message for our policyholders and advisers

Our thoughts and sympathies are with our policyholders, advisers and their families in the Christchurch and Canterbury areas who have been affected by last weekend’s earthquake.

We are keen to offer our support and assistance as the clean-up continues.

We will be happy to consider temporary premium holiday or KiwiSaver hardship withdrawal
for policyholders and clients to assist to cope financially with unexpected costs arising from the earthquake.

We are also pleased to announce that the Christchurch office has been restored to full service.

Our Offices in Auckland and Wellington are open and able to assist you as usual.

Phone 0800 882288 for Auckland or 0800 955433 for Wellington.



8 September 2010

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