Fidelity Life's fund manager rating is reconfirmed

[ Monday, 25 April 2005 ]

Fidelity Life's fund manager rating is reconfirmed by a leading research house.

Fidelity Life's 4-star manager rating was reconfirmed by Morningstar Research on 26 April 2005, in their recent review of its fund manager ratings. Our 4-star investment manager rating has been in place for five consecutive quarters.
The star rating reflects underlying fund performance based on average weighted performance over three and five year periods.

A four or five star rating reflects a company's competency in the majority of asset classes and its consistently strong risk-adjusted past returns.

Fidelity Life Company Actuary, John Smith, says "It is really pleasing that our long-standing outsourcing approach and selection is still paying dividends. We have been able to maintain our Morningstar 4-star rating since April 2004, making us one of the top four retail fund managers in New Zealand".

The overall fund manager rating is a reflection of aggregate performance within specific funds, each of which has an individual star rating. Fidelity Life's top ranked fund is the Super-Super Balanced Portfolio that holds five stars. Among the other funds there are seven four star rated funds, six that hold three stars and two two star funds.

Fidelity Life currently has $250 million assets under management.

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